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A disclaimer.  I am not a botanist, nor an ornithologist, and by no means and an entomologist. I am an outdoor enthusiast and an avid native plant and bird photographer. I live Matthews, North Carolina and spend many days in the nearby sandhills regions with its unique flora and fauna.   Most recently I worked with Dr. Larry Mellichamp as photographer for Native Plants of the Southeast, published by Timber Press.


I have contributed images to, the Native Plant Information Network, and the National Audubon Society. I spend much of my time in the Carolinas, documenting the states’ flora and fauna. I have a special interest in macro photography and, as a result, many of my images feature an “up close and personal” view of a blossom, a bud, a bird, or a bug. I am an active member of the North Carolina Native Plant Society, the National Aububon Society, and the Carolina Nature Photographers Association.

Will Stuart, Matthews, North Carolina